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Vibro-Acoustic Diagnostics for OLTCs

On-load tap changers (OLTCs) are crucial components within power transformers, enabling voltage regulation while the transformer remains energized. Maintaining the health of OLTCs is essential for ensuring grid reliability and efficient power delivery. Traditionally, diagnosing potential problems...

Testing & Maintenance

Safe Electrical Maintenance Checklist

Reduce the risk of arc flash hazards with CSA Z462

BY ROBERT BURGESS, Lineman’s Testing Laboratories

Safe electrical maintenance practices and on-going personnel training can minimize the likelihood of electrical injuries and fatalities due to electrical shock, electrocution, arc flash and arc blast. At risk are employees who work on or near exposed energized electrical conductors or circuit parts including electrical maintenance personnel, operators, troubleshooters, electricians, linemen, supervisors, site safety personnel or anyone exposed...

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