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Arc Flash Analysis in DC Power Systems

Advanced approaches to addressing direct-current arcing faults BY MICHAEL FURTAK & LEW SILECKY, Mersen Let’s face it: there is not very much information available about direct current (DC) arc flashes. And, if you have searched in vain, well hopefully this feature will give you some insight...

Advanced protection against electromagnetic exposures and electric arc

HAZARDS AROUND While working live in the energized grid, presence of voltage around the workers requires special attention. However, live-line (live working) techniques are widely applied for decades, several accidents in the past prove that the level of safety must be improved to minimize...

CSA Z462 and CSA Z463: A Powerful Combination

I recently viewed a destroyed 600-volt electrical panel board that had exploded when an operator reset an 800-ampere (A) breaker. His leather-palmed gloves had synthetic backs that ignited and seriously burned the back of his hands. His flame-resistant (FR) shirt was untucked and he was burned on...

Arc Flash

Arc Flash Safety Innovations

Safety Beyond Industrial Settings

Arc flash safety is traditionally associated with industrial and manufacturing settings, but the risks and implications extend far beyond these environments. Innovations in arc-resistant equipment are now enhancing safety in sectors like healthcare and information technology, particularly in data...

Arc Flash Mitigation

Arc Blast Protection

It may seem like a long time ago, but with respect to the age of the earth, electricity is in its infancy. When such famous names as Franklin, Edison, Tesla, and Volta were mesmerized by that “blue flame”, who could have imagined the unlimited potential (no pun intended). Electricity...


Arc Flash Mitigation in LV Systems

A common misconception within the electrical industry is that low-voltage systems (typically operating at 600V or lower) pose a lesser arc flash risk than their higher voltage counterparts. While the potential incident energy may be lower in some cases, underestimating the hazards present in low-voltage systems can have devastating consequences. This article aims to debunk this misconception and outline strategies for effectively managing arc flash hazards within low-voltage environments.

Why Low-Voltage Does Not Equal No...

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