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Electrical Transformers

Intelligent Transformer Testing

Power transformers are critical components in the transmission and distribution infrastructure. Failures can wreak enormous costs in power outages, unscheduled maintenance, and damage to equipment. Effective testing can save significant time and money. Two important tools for transformer...

Oil Filled Transformers

Top 10 Common Reasons For Transformer Problems

Transformers, the silent giants of the electrical grid, play the crucial role of adjusting voltage levels to ensure electricity can be used safely and efficiently throughout the system. However, these essential pieces of equipment face various challenges that can impact their performance, lifespan,...


Substation Transformer Maintenance

5 ways to extend the life of your electrical equipment


Substation transformer maintenance has experienced changes over recent years. These changes are a result of a continued growth in overall technical knowledge and growing technologies such as online monitors, but not all market segments are affected equally. In the current economic conditions, the need for a well-planned and comprehensive strategy for substation transformer maintenance is even more important...