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Power Protection Misconceptions

Controlling costs and increasing efficiency using UPS systems

BY JOHN COLLINS, Eaton Corporation

Controlling energy costs and increasing electrical efficiency are both common topics among today’s data center operators. However, making certain power is both dependable and clean can sadly often be an afterthought.

When information technology (IT) systems experience downtime, core business processes quickly come to a standstill, and today’s data center managers are typically held responsible for achieving high availability while simultaneously reducing power costs, which can be two very difficult and conflicting aspects to manage.

Highly-efficient uninterruptible power supply, or UPS for IT systems can help with that goal, and other high-efficiency power distribution products are available today that were not even an option a few years ago.

But common misconceptions associated with UPS systems must first be addressed in order to rationalize the investments necessary for such upgrades and to properly select equipment. The resulting realities, a combination of factors that have been influenced by industry trends and technology advances, and often complicated by marketing hype, can ease the decision making process.

The following list addresses a few particular misconceptions we’ve heard, and uses the subsequent truths to outline the best practices for selecting a power protection solution for any IT application.

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